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DNB Radiodiagnosis in Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute - Review!

Hello everyone!

This post is to help candidates choose good hospitals for their DNB.

Find out all you need to know about DNB radiodiagnosis in Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research centre, New Delhi. Academics-

Average, presentation weekly, totally depends on residents,if interested.

No spoon feeding is there ,just read ,learn and report. Although tumor boards we have daily gives a good general academic support Stipend- 70k/month, Postings-

Initially you will be posted in x-ray, mammography and fluoroscopy for 3-4 months followed by USG, CT. One can easily get MRI postings in first year on his/ her performance. Each posting is of 2 months. USG has total free hands , everyone has to do USG. Other than USG guided ascitic tap, pleural tap , FNAC and biopsies are routinely common procedures , Same CT guided aspiration, FNAC and biopsies are also routinely performed. You will get totally free hands on these procedures depending on your learning curve and interest. CT and MRI reporting has to be first done by resident and then finalised by consultants. So total free hands. Reporting is done on PACS. Daily CT load average- 40 to 50 Daily MRI load average- 30 Daily XRay - 100 Fluoroscopy- 2 to 3 Daily mammography- approx 10 Daily USG- 40 to 50 Daily US and CT guided interventions- up to 20 They have interventional radiology with a built cath lab and fellowship course in IR , where procedures like PICC line, chemoport, PTBD, TACE, TARE, PCN, vascular , tumor embolization and other procedures like radiofrequency and microwave ablation are routinely done. So one can have easily exposure of IR. IR Postings totally depend upon your interest and skill. Consultants - total 7 with modality specific like diagnostic Vs interventional, and further head and neck, GI, GU and neuroimaging. As it's a cancer setup, general radiology and OBS gyn, MSK exposure is very very very less, almost nil.

Although you (only for primary candidate )may get periphery postings for that like in Gangaram hospital. Scope If u want to do body imaging in oncology with few interventions, so one of the best hospital in India. You will pass as onco radiologist, already a specialisation in specialised centres. Further you can lead to interventional radiology if u get a interest in between. Order of preference-

Gangaram > Rajiv gandhi If you wish to pursue government jobs later on , or work on diagnostic centres then you have to do SR ship further from any government hospital loaded with general and obs gyn radiology after passing radiodiagnosis. Order of preference- Gangaram> Stephens> max Saket= Apollo > Rajiv gandhi

Accomodation- No Duty hours- 9 am to 5:30 pm routinely , 11:30 to 8 pm but u have to finish the work before leaving. Night on call duties are there. Seats- 2 primary and 2 secondary Passing rate- 100 percentage Consultants and seniors are quite helpful while reporting .But still it's your job as I said ,just read, learn and report. All the best . - Anonymous contributor Now share reviews on your hospital/institute to help your peers and juniors.

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