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Find out all you need to know about DNB CARDIAC SURGERY at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL.

No. of Seats

There are two seats this year.


Cutting wise it's better than any govt hospital, everyday is OT day and you have to manage all the cardiac ICUs.

Academics is fine but you need to be enthusiastic.

Working hours are not very hectic as compared to a govt hospital, all the seniors are nice and helpful, consultants are great and there is no toxicity.

If you are hardworking and intuitive then there is nothing stopping you but if you want to finish off work and run away daily then please don't opt for cardiac surgery in general.

Just remember in cardiac surgery you are not just a surgeon, you need to know your cardiology as well, ICU management and post op care are as important as operating.

Yes, cardiac surgery has a long learning curve, its tough to learn the skills and it's really challenging, but its truly rewarding as well.

Passing rate

Totally depends on your hard work, nobody fails you deliberately. Only and only when your are in love with the human heart you should take this branch, it's always better to take general surgery first if you have any doubt.

Operation Minimum time period of a cardiac operation is 4 hours, and you never know the surgery might last for 10 hours or even the whole night, so you should have great standing capabilities, good bladder control and amazing endurance (both mental and physical). Stipend

77k for first 3 years and 1 lakh for the remaining 3.

Narayana hridayalaya also has an amazing program but the stipend is less. Good Luck!

- Anonymous Contributor

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