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Doc Guidance offers NEET-oriented courses for super-speciality aspirants. This is also a part of our vision to be a one stop centre for all your needs as a medical student.

Now we have common entrance exam for NEET DM AND MCh entrance examination which is a computer based online test.

A team of expert mentors from their respective fields including orthopaedic surgeons, endocrinologists, opthalmologists, neurologists, urologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, onco-surgeons and other specialists have created a specialised online exam course.

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NEET SS 2020 For admission to sUPERSPECIALITY COURSES DM / MCh Courses 


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  • The NEET-SS is conducted by National Board Of Examination (NBE) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The examinations are conducted as per the schedule of examinations notified in advance at the website

  • NEET-SS is an eligibility-cum-ranking examination prescribed as the single entrance examination to various DM/MCh courses as per the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2016. NEET-SS is the single window entrance examination for all Super Specialty DM/MCh courses in the country. No other entrance examination, either at the state or the Institution level, shall be valid for entry to DM/MCh courses as per the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2016 w.e.f.2017 admission session. Qualifying NEET-SS is mandatory for entry to DM/ MCh courses under various Universities/lnstitutions in the country.

  • The scope of NEET SS 2020:

  • NEET SS 2020 shall be the single eligibility cum entrance examination for admission to Super Specialty Courses for the academic session 2019 which will include the following:

  • 1. All DM/MCh Courses in the country including all Private Medical Colleges/institutions/Universities/Deemed Universities.

  • 2. All DM/MCh courses at Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions.

  • 3. All FNB courses in the country


Admission Notice

The following Medical institutions are not covered for admission to DM/MCh courses through NEET-SS for 2019 session:

No state government [private medical college/Universities including  the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh shall be conducting any separate entrance exam for admission to their
DM/MCh Courses for the 2019 admission session.

Important Dates

  • Start of Online Application from May 2019

  • Examination Date first week of July.

NEET SS Syllabus 2019

  • A candidate can choose a maximum of two super speciality courses for which his/her broad speciality qualification is eligible, at the time of online submission of the application form.

  • The pattern of examination: 40% of the questions shall be from all the eligible feeder broad speciality course(s) and the remaining 60% shall be from the super speciality course selected by the candidate at the time online submission of application form. NBE may club certain super specialities in which the number of seats offered is less.

Part A Syllabus

  • Part-A of the question paper for any super specialty course shall comprise of MCQs from the eligible feeder broad specialty course(s). In case, there is only a single feeder broad specialty course for a particular super specialty, PartA in such a case will comprise of questions from only one broad specialty. For eg. MS/DNB General Surgery is the only feeder broad speciality for MCh Urology, therefore Part A of Urology question paper will comprise of questions from General Surgery.

  • For Super-specialty courses having multiple feeder broad specialty courses, Part-A will comprise of questions from all the eligible feeder broad specialty courses. For eg. The eligible feeder broad specialties for super specialty course in Cardiology are General Medicine, Pediatrics and Respiratory Medicine. Therefore, Part -A of Cardiology question paper shall comprise of questions from all the three feeder broad specialty courses i.e. General Medicine, Pediatrics & Respiratory Medicine.

Part B Syllabus

  • Part – B of the question paper: It shall comprise of 60 questions pertaining to the concerned super specialty. The questions shall be of PG Exit level and shall cover topics from clinical practice and basic sciences as applied to the concerned super specialty.

NEET SS Exam Pattern 2019

The scheme of NEET-SS 2018 shall be in accordance with MoHFW vide letter No. F.No.V.11025/35/2012-MEP(Pt.) dated 25/01/2018 and V. 1 1025/35/2012-MEP(Pt.) dated 10/04/2018 ( Annexure C & D) according to which:

NEET SS 2019 Question Pattern

  • Examination Type: CBT (Computer Based Test)

  • Question Type: MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

  • Section: Two Parts A and B.

  • Duration for one Paper: 1.45 Hours

  • Duration Two SS Paper: 3.30 Hours

  • Question Marks: 4 Marks each question.

  • Negative Marking: YES (25%) i.e. 1 marks.

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  • Certain Super Specialties which have less number of seats and have a single common feeder broad speciality course have been clubbed together. Each clubbed group of super specialities shall be treated as one for the purpose of online submission of the application form and generation of the question paper. For eg. Neonatology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Hepatology have been clubbed together with Pediatrics being the single common feeder Broad Specialty qualification and all these clubbed specialities will be treated as a single unit for the purpose of online submission of application form and examination.

  • Therefore, part A of the question paper for the clubbed super specialities shall comprise of questions from the single eligible feeder broad speciality and the part B shall comprise questions from all the clubbed super specialities.

All Super Specialty courses which have been clubbed are tabulated above:

NEET SS Eligibility 2019:
  • Candidates who are in possession of recognized postgraduate medical degree (MD/MS/DNB)/ Provisional Pass Certificate or an equivalent recognized qualification or likely to be in possession of the same by 15th July 2019 in accordance with eligible broad speciality qualifications for super speciality courses.

  • Candidates found to be ineligible at any stage of NEET-SS 2019 will not be permitted to appear in the examination. In an unlikely event of any ineligible candidate appearing and/or being successful in NEET- SS 2019, the result/candidature of such candidate shall be cancelled and/or is deemed to be cancelled as and when the ineligibility is

  • Requests for appearing in NEET-SS 2019 from candidates who are qualifying and/or getting the results of their MD/MS/DNB qualifications after 15th July 2019 shall be summarily rejected.

Foreign Nationals:
  • Foreign nationals can appear in NEET-SS 2019 without MCI registration. The Medical Council of India may, on payment of the prescribed fee for registration, grant temporary registration for the duration of the Post Doctoral course limited to the medical college/institution to which he/she is admitted for the time being exclusively for pursuing postdoctoral studies.

  • Provided further that temporary registration to such foreign national shall be subject to the condition that such person is duly registered with appropriate registering authority in his own country where from he has obtained his PG Medical qualification and is duly recognized by the corresponding Medical Council or concerned authority.

NEET SS Question Papers

Question Paper: There shall be a separate question paper for each super speciality course /clubbed group. Total number of questions in each question paper shall be 100 which shall be divided into two
Parts; Part A& Part B. All the questions shall be at PG Exit level.

Periductal ‘onion skin’ fibrosis and inflammation are characteristic of

  • Overlap hepatitis with cholangitis

  • Secondary biliary cirrhosis

  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis

Osteoporosis is caused by which of the following?

  • Hypoparathyroidism

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Precocious Puberty

  • Adrenal insufficiency

Gynecomastia is associated with which of the following?

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Prolactinoma

  • Adrenal tumor

  • Seminoma

Which of the following would be the MOST sensitive test for an acutely ill AIDS patient with suspected cryptococcal meningitis?

  • CT brain showing ventricular enlargement

  • Cryptococcal antigen in CSF

  • India ink test on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

  • Fungal CSF culture

All of the following are characteristics of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy EXCEPT

  • History of febrile seizures is present

  • Small hippocampus with increased signal on T2-weighted MRI sequences

  • No family history of epilepsy.

  • It is the most common syndrome associated with focal seizures and dyscognitive features.

Which of the following drugs will unmask Tourette syndrome?

  • Methylphenidate

  • Haloperidol

  • Tetrabenazine

  • Pimozide

Which of the following has been consistently shown to improve outcomes in patients with PSC?

  • Ursodeoxycholic acid at 20-30 mg/kg/day

  • Pentoxifylline

  • Deoxycholic acid at 13-15 mg/kg/day

  • Liver transplantation

All of the following are true regarding lateral medullar,’ syndrome EXCEPT

  • It is exclusively caused by occlusion of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery

  • Vertigo, nausea, and vomiting are prominent early symptoms

  • There is ipsilateral ataxia of limbs and lateropulsion

  • Impaired sensation over the face can be on either side

The MOST accurate preoperative local staging of pancreatic malignancy is done by which of the following?

  • ERCP

  • CT

  • MRI

  • Endoscopic ultrasound

Medium-chain triglycerides; used as a nutritional supplement, are present in large amounts in which of the following?

  • Coconut Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Olive Oil

  • Mustard Oil

Which of the following pituitary’ hormones are the last to be affected following cranial irradiation?

  • TSH

  • Gonadotropins

  • ACTH

  • GH

Gerstmann syndrome is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT

  • Agraphia

  • Acalculia

  • Alexia

  • Finger agnosia

Phosphatonin regulating phosphate metabolism is

  • TNF Alpha

  • Osteoprotegerin

  • Calbindin

  • FGF 23

An increase in hirsutism seen after menopause is related to which of the following changes?

  • There is a decline in estrogen production.

  • There is an increase in the activity of 5-a reductase

  • There is a reduction in sex hormone binding globulin(SHBG)

  • There is an increase in ovarian testosterone production


Patients with autoimmune pancreatitis commonly present with

  • Recurrent attacks of acute pancreatitis

  • Pancreatic ascites

  • Obstructive jaundice or a mass in the head of the pancreas

  • Steatorrhea

Globoid cells in Krabbe disease have degenerated