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DNB Pulmonology at Apollo health city Jubilee hills, Hyderabad

Name x

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Phone No. x

Course Name Dnb

Hospital Name Apollo health city jubilee hills hyderabad

Subject / Speciality Pulmonology

How does your department function, no of consultants,no of units etc Good

Stipend 35k

Working hours, duties per month, night duties, how many hr shifts 10hrs a day, every 1 week 1 night duty

Passing rate 1 batcg has been passed

Case Load, variety etc.. 30 ip patients, including variety of cases like ild, asthma tuberculosis lung malignancies

Cutting chances, Hands on, what surgeries procedure one can expect to do .. After 6 months of admission they will offer chances

Working Environment, pressure, stress etc Stress+

Academic program, teaching Weekly 1 pulmo meet to present seminar/lecture/journal

what points lacking in your centre , that you would like to have implemented.(cons of your institute) Only 1 seat per year so hectic, less no of tb cases compared to previous cases

why you would recommend this centre to your juniors (points in favor)(pros of your institute) If u r thinking of Interventional pulmonology... This is the best hospital( under vijay kumar chennachetty)

Do u want to stay anonymous? yes/no Yes

Best 5 hospitals for your subject in your opinion LR, apollo, yashoda, kims

Your thoughts about your institute and few more words Nice institute for people thinking about interventional pulmonology Work load will be high for 1st year

dnb pulmonology apollo health city jubilee hills hyderabad
dnb pulmonology apollo health city jubilee hills hyderabad

Submit your review on why you would not recommend or recommend your Institute to juniors.Your identity will remain confidential.  if you choose so.
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