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Find out all you need to know about DNB GENERAL SURGERY at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL.

Readers would be aware that last year's mid-year DNB was cancelled and those seats are added in this Jan session.

Every year 3 seats are assigned normally. Maybe this time it may be increased to 4.

This post will answer the most common questions asked - 1. Govt vs SGRH If you want to settle in a rural or suburban area or if you want to open your own clinic. If you don't want to do a superspeciality- then you have to be very well versed in open surgeries more than laparoscopy atleast for your initial part of your life. Go for govt hospital. If metropolitan city or corporate hospital you can choose SGRH.

2. Open vs Laparoscopic exposure Today's surgeon need good laparoscopic exposure which demands ample amount of time to get adjusted to understand the anatomy through it's lens and nuances associated with it. Open surgery is being done everywhere and the learning curve for it is not as long as laparoscopy and so, can be learnt in your SRship. It's not that open surgeries don't happen here. Open surgeries are relatively less than laparoscopic procedures. You will get to see the best of laparoscopy over here in your PG years itself. Like, from basic laparoscopic cholecystectomies to advanced E-TEPs, TAMIS etc.

3. Cutting chances Excellent. You will get to assist in lap cases from your 3rd to 4th months. You will get to do lap cases from the end of 1st year. 4) Emergency cases exposure- Moderate as mostly these cases go to govt hospital. 5) Academics- Decent.

1 seminar a week.

Monthly case presentations. it mostly depends on you. If you're interested then consultants are more than ready to help you. 6) Passing Rate- Good. But again mostly depends on you. 7) Accomodation- Hostel present but issue of availability of rooms. Can get rooms nearby. 8) Stipend- Given regularly. 77000 . In hand you will get mostly 72,500. 9) Work hours and Duties- Work hours are hectic.

Normally from morning 8AM to evening 6PM. But, you have to be there till the day's work is completed. 2 OPD days/week. 2 OT days/week. 2 free days/week. In 1st year duties will be 10/month with no post duty off. If you're thinking of taking a seat and study for next year NEET. Don't even think because you will not be able to study. Overall you will get excellent laparoscopic exposure both by observation and hands on from one of the best institutes in this country.

Good Luck!

- Anonymous Contributor

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