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Dear DNB aspirants,

I am sharing my thoughts on approach to DnB counselling since I personally went through a lot of dilemma and confusions last year.

1. Be sure about your branch of choice.

Focus on one branch solely for the counselling. Do not keep confusions regarding your branch choice, or else you will face some hard time in filling your choices and may complicate your chances of picking the best one! 2. Select your 4 preferable states for Dnb institutions.

For an example, a North Indian student should avoid picking far Southern/Eastern institutions in view of language/cultural/food barriers. Though people adapt to the new places in few months, I personally feel we should stay somewhere closer to our native state in those regards. Sometimes a lot of time and efforts go in learning and adapting to those unnecessary new things in life. Residency work is itself very hectic and consuming. 3. Please try to contact as many residents from as many DNB institutions to prepare a list and prioritising your choices later as per reviews. Most of the DNB institutions will give you contact number of their residents in respective branches. Whenever you talk to a resident, hold a pen and a paper with you. Whatever they say about the institute, list those things in PROS and CONS categories. It may sound time consuming, But it would help you a lot more than you could imagine. 4. Other than HANDS-ON and STIPEND, do not forget to ask about ACCOMODATION FACILITY IF PROVIDED OR NOT. 5. Academics generally is poor in 90% of the DNB institutions, with hardly any lectures taking place. Only a few institutions in Delhi and South India focus on Academics, but then ironically hands-on/cutting chances there are very less. So give more priority to institutions where you get reasonably good hands-on. Academics will be mostly upto yourself. You can use online courses from or which cater to the needs of dnb aspirants from various fields. Taking up their online course can really amp up your self study. 6. If you are sure about your branch and reasonably satisfied with the allotment, do freeze it and lock it. Do not keep hanging for further counselling rounds. 7. MOP UP ROUND (offline)- Few people risk it to enter Mop Up round by intentionally not filling choices in earlier rounds, in a hope to fetch a gold. To some extent it may work for luckier ones, but then PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT THIS YEAR. There are strong chances that personal offline round may get cancelled in view of CORONA LOCK-DOWN GUIDELINES even if it happens in June/July. So try to pick your institution by third round of counselling anyhow. Only if you are under some sort of unreasonable/extreme compulsion or you genuinely did not get any allotment, you should seek mop up round. 8. To all students seeking surgical branches for DNB, it is completely safe/secure/good option. Your passing will be solely in your hands. If you study well, you will get through. Infact, Surgical hands-on exposure is more these days in DNB than in MS. So don’t keep any doubts regarding it (I am myself a General Surgery DNB resident). Hope this post would help you. Thanks. Good luck.

- Anonymous contributor

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