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How to prepare for DNB Anaesthesia MD Anaesthesiology

Updated: Mar 2, 2019



DNB Anaesthesia Solved Question Bank

Minimum mandatory monitoring of anaesthesia

Anatomy of larynx

Pulmonary functions tests

Safety in anaesthesia equipment

Management of unconscious patient

Neonatal Resuscitation

Physiology and Mangament of Pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Oxygen therapy

Recovery from Anaesthesia

Effect of Positioning

Characteristic and functional specification of vaporizers

Acid base and electrolyte balance

Measurement of Intracranial pressure

Hypotensive Anaestheisa

Obstetric Analgesia

Day Care Anaestheisa

Anaesthesia and Pacemaker

Resuscitation of Trauma patient and Mass Casuality

Anaesthesia implication in Phecochromocytoma

Co-agulation disorders and Anaesthesia


Management of Shock

Chronic pain therapy

Neonatal ventilation

Principles of one lung anaesthesia

Anaesthesia in a patient with burns

Sterilization of Anaesthesia equipment

Therapeutic nerve blocks

Organ Harvestation

Cardiac output monitoring


List of Books

Must read:

1. DNB Anaesthesia Solved Question Bank

2.Lee.s Synopsis of Anaesthesia

. Clinical Anaesthesia Practice by Kirby and Gravenstein

3. Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan

4. Anaesthesia by Nimmo, Rowbotham and Smith

5. Physics for Anaesthetists by Sir Robert macintosh

6. Physics applied to Anaesthesia by Hill

7. Scientific foundations in Anaesthesia by Stanley Feldman and Cyril Scurr

8. Cardiac Anaesthesia By Joel Kaplan

9. Clinical Anaesthesia by Barash, Cullen and Stoelting

10. Anaesthesia and perioperative complications by Benumoff and Saidman

11. Textbook of Anaesthesia by Aitkenhead Rowbotham and Smith

12. Paediatric Anaesthesia by Gregory

13. Medicine by Anaesthetists by Vickers

14. Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists by Stoelting

15. Principles of Obstetric Anaesthesia by Selwin Craford

16. Thoracic Anaesthesia byW.Mushin

17. Automatic Ventilation by Mushin

18. Miller RD, ed Anesthesia

19. Wylie, Churchill, Davidson: Practice of Anaesthesia

20. Nunn & Utting; Anaesthesia

21. Stoelting RK, Miller Rd, eds, Basics of Anaesthesia

22. ICU Book, Paul Marino

23. Critical Care, Joseph Civetta & Taylor

24. Critical Care, Schoemaker

25. Regional Anaesthesia, Moore

26. Regional Anaesthesia, P Prithviraj

27. The Management of Pain, Bonica

28. Neural Blockade in Pain Management, Cousins

29. Practical Management of Pain, Raj

30. Stoelting & Dierdorf: Anaesthesia and Co-existing Disease

31. ABG: Shapiro

32. Dorsch and Dorsch: Understanding Anaesthesia Equipments

33. ECG by Shamroth/Goldman

34. Anatomy for Anaesthetists by Harold Ellis

Must refer:

1. J Benumof: Anaesthesia for Thoracic Surgery

2. Cucchiara and Michenfelder: Clinical Neuroanaesthesia

3. Cottrell & Smith: Anaesthesia and Neurosurgery

4. Smith : Pediatric Anesthesia

5. Steward D: Handbook of Peadiatric Anaesthesia

6. Complications in Anaesthesiology by Orkin

7. Complications in Anaesthesia by Raven

8. Airway management by JL Benumof

9. Obstetric Anaesthesia by Chestnut

List of Journals:

1. Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

2. Journal of Anaesthesiology and Clinical pharmacology

3. Anaesthesia

4. British Journal of Anaesthesia

5. Anesthesia and Analgesia

6. Anesthesiology

7. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

8. Canadian Anaesthesia Society Journal

9. Acta Anaesthesia Scandanavia

10. Regional Anesthsia and Pain Medicine

Year Books:

1. Anesthesia Clinic of North America

2. International Anesthesiology Clinics

3. Year Book of Anaesthesia

4. Recent Advances in Anaesthesia

5. Anaesthesia Review

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