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Hello everyone!

This post is to help candidates choose good hospitals for their DNB.

Find out all you need to know about DNB ANAESTHESIA, BOMBAY HOSPITAL, INDORE. ACADEMICS Poor.. No schedule for anything related to academics.. Just depends on us , as residents we persuade our consultants to take classes and according to the time available they do.. But no particular schedule formed for that as such.

Though in the OT, consultants are more than willing to explain u stuff.. Truly depends how much we wish to learn..

You can make use of online courses from or, like the one here -

HANDS ON Very Heavy work load! So ample hands on available, The more you wish to learn, the more you're given.. Intubations, spinal, epidural, blocks, cvp, transplant cases.. Ample work load..!

Around 8 call duties a month, max 5 ICU nights month. No fixed timings on routine days, depends when the cases list gets over. So its kinda hectic. STIPEND 55/57/59 Given on time, around 7th of every month.. ACCOMMODATION

comfortably available and a decent one Not a bad place to be in, I would recommend it. Academics is where it lacks, though we're trying to build it up. -- Anonymous Contributor

Now share reviews on your hospital/institute to help your peers

and juniors.

To view reviews of other hospitals visit -

Choose online courses during lockdown instead of waiting for books. Visit -

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