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NEET SS MCh Surgical Oncology 2020

Readers would be aware that as per the new pattern of NEET-SS examinations, 40% of the questions will be from General Surgery and the remaining 60% will be from the respective superspecialty course selected.

As the superspecialty portion now forms a larger part of the exam, it would require a separate and targeted preparation from separate books. 

DocGuidance brings to you tailored mcq question banks and mock exam courses which encompass questions with detailed explanations which will cover both parts of the exam. The NEET -SS Surgical Oncology mcq question bank mock exam course has series of question banks and mock tests which simulate the NEET SS exam with the same pattern.

The courses have the largest question bank solved with detailed explanations specific to the chosen superspecialty and also have general surgery questions as bonus for a complete revision for the exam. Its all you need to ace your NEET -SS exam. Start early with the mock tests to ace your exams!

Learners should have an idea of Newer Drugs, Newer Treatment Protocols, Limitations of Surgical Interventions, Genetic facts, Translocations, Chromosomal Aberrations associated with these diseases.Experts at Mentorexam provide you online Exams in the form of Mock tests and Preparation Tests taking all Factors into Account.

For more information on online courses, mcq question banks, mock exam courses for All specialties visit or

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