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Neet SS DM Paediatrics 2020 - Tips to top the exam!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

NEET SS Superspeciality Exams, especially DM, are highly competitive these days. The CBT Exam now has an entirely new concept with lots of modifications in comparison to previous years. As the exams are approaching, a student gears up his studies but the new exam pattern can cause a lot of conclusions that need to be avoided.

How to pass NEET SS DM Paediatrics exam and score well?

Topics the Learner MUST cover -

Williams Syndrome, Fetal Warfarin   Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Developmental Milestones, Wilms Tumor, Developmental Delays, VSDDenny Drash, Ventricular septal defect, Crigler Najar Syndrome , IIVaricoceleCrigler Najar Syndrome, IMalnutritionJaundice in Newborn, PCMNeonatology, CNS infections, Pediatric Anesthesia, Ureerocele Cleft Palate , Gastroschisis, Cleft LipNeuroblastomas, Poisoning ALL Battered Baby TORCH Infections AVMs TOF Congenital Lymphedemas TGA Beckwith Weidman Syndrome Retts Syndromes Cystic Lesions in Neonates Reflexes Autism Pyruvate kinase deficiency Immunosuppression Pyloric stenosis Drugs and Doses Promyelocytic leukemia Attention-deficit /Potters Syndrome Hyperkinetic disorder Pediatric Malignancies Conduct Disorders NTDS Thalessmias Metabolic Defects PRCA Lowes Syndrome Bone marrow transplant Low birth weight Atrial septal defect Kartagener’s syndrome Atresia Intestinal Hydrocele ASDHurlers Syndrome Arch Defects Hunters Syndrome Congenital anemias

Our Experts Suggest Following Books 

  • OP Ghai

  • Nelsons Pediatrics

  • Case files Pediatrics (Lange)

  • BRS Pediatrics

  • BluePrint Pediatrics (Basic Concepts)

  • Pediatrics by Bernstein

  • Pediatric Primary Care by Burns

  • Cloherty Manual of Neonatal care

  • Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics

  • Scotts Pedia Tricks

Standard Textbook

Important topics from the standard textbook like Nelson text book of Pediatrics can be covered in 4 months. There is no need to read complete textbooks.

Revision timetable is must

Prepare a study schedule giving more time to the weaker section

Highlight points

Mark/ highlight the important points. Mark only the keywords which will speed up your revision.

Sticky Notes

Retain the difficult key points, concepts and keywords.


 Mnemonics serve as a great aid to memorize and retain difficult keywords and points.

To have an edge over your competitors, it is always recommended to take subject-wise mock tests/mock exams, or go through several mcq question banks besides your preparation. Regular tests practice allows you to validate your preparation and excel over the competitors.

Spend at the least 2 months to take Grand Tests regularly to improve your shortcomings.

Climb one step with each mock test/mock exam series and reach the top of the ladder when you take NEET SS.

Our Experts at Docguidance provide neet ss coaching to DM paediatric aspirants with mcq test series and mcq question bank, regular neet ss mock exam courses that simulate the exam.

For more details for NEET DM Preparation visit:



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