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Best Institutes Hospitals for DNB Opthalmology


Dr. Abhishek Paul (MBBS, FAGE, DNB, FICO, MRCS Ed, FMRF)

Dr. Bijita Deb (MBBS, MS, DNB, Fellowship-­‐Cornea/Refractive)

Best Institutes Hospitals for DNB Opthalmology
Best Institutes Hospitals for DNB Opthalmology

The biggest dilemma after cracking one of the toughest entrance examinations, faced by the candidates is choosing a post graduation branch. Those of us lucky to have a passion to follow, are then left with a confusion of where to begin their journey.

So here I will be discussing, which institutes are preferred by DNB candidates, based on past years’ counseling trends. I will also share few tips on how to enquire about them in a systematic and orderly manner.Best Institutes Hospitals for DNB Opthalmology

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Disclaimer: Please note that this order is purely on the basis of past and current experiences of the authors and other DNB candidates, and may be subjected to change owing to variations in the faculty or change in standard of care in a particular institute. The authors do not possess any financial interest and the only purpose of this article is to guide the MBBS students in picking up the post-­‐graduate institute of their choice.

What to look for in an institute or a hospital?

I would divide this broadly under 4 headings (in that order!):

  1. Academics

  2. Surgical load

  3. Exposure to subspeciality, such as Retina/Oculoplasty/Cornea/Squint etc.

  4. Stipend and miscellaneous

  1. Academics:  Academics form the core of any branch and ophthalmology is no different.  Look into the educational qualifications of the faculty and their involvement in various teaching platforms, whether they are renowned in surgical innovations.  Opt for an institute which has an added fellowship superspeciality, so that you have a scope of re-­‐joining the same place, if need arises in future.

  2. Surgical load:  Ophthalmology, being a surgical branch, has a steep learning curve. A good amount of surgical exposure is required during residency to emerge as a confident surgeon after completion.  Enquire about conduction of free camps, or outstation postings where one gets a free hand to do independent surgeries.  Being a charitable centre or a government hospital helps to a certain extent.  An introduction to ECCE with a good number of SICS/Phaco is required at the resident level.  Extraocular surgeries like DCR, Squint are an added bonus.

  3. Exposure to subspeciality:  One of the vital aspects in shaping future career is to explore all what the field of ophthalmology has to offer.  A prerequisite to that is residency at an institute/hospital where there is an established and fully equipped department of individual subspecialities.  Vitreoretina and oculoplasty, are the most dreaded subspecialities on the day of DNB practical in the “Instruments table” as most of the candidates are not familiar with surgeries in those subspecialities. So keep this in mind while selecting an option.

  4. Stipend and miscellaneous:  Last but not the least, a decent stipend is needed for a good standard of living.  In general hospitals in North India provide higher stipend as compared to South.  Do not underestimate the importance of your social environment where you will be spending your formative years.  However, this criterion should not sacrifice the value of the previously mentioned ones. That is the reason I have mentioned it at the end.

Private vs. Government: A standard doubt in mind of all candidates. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It largely depends on the institute and subjected to high variability. Private institutes: Pros:  Chance to witness advance technologies.  Most private hospitals have almost all subspecialties so you get a good overall exposure. Cons:  Being private and mostly paid patients (depending on load), surgeries might be little lesser than what you may get in government or charitable branches.  Also many private colleges don't invest too much time on academics and bedside teaching. Government Hospitals: Pros:  Biggest advantage is surgical volume.  Decent academics. Cons:  All subspecialities may not be available in a government setup.  Access to latest diagnostic machines and surgical equipments might be a hindrance in some situations.  Not allowing adequate surgical opportunities to residents may be seen in government institutes with newly inducted faculty (who are themselves in their learning phase). This difference is highly transparent and one needs to look for a balance to meet the requirement. General Tips:  In general, if you want to find out about any institution, best way to go about this would be to contact the DNB academic director.  If he is not available, you should ask contact of any resident or a fellow. Those people are the best persons to enquire about the institution, as they will provide you the ground reality of that place.  As you keep a record of these 4 parameters, start grading your choices and arrange them in a ranking order to form your list. State-­‐wise preference list: Andhra Pradesh:

  1. Sankara Eye Hospital, Guntur (n=4)

  2. Sri Sathya Sai institute, Ananthpur (n=2)

  3. Sai Kiran Institute, Kakinada (n=3)

  4. Visakha eye hospital, Visakhapatnam (n=2)

5, Sankar Foundation Eye hospital, Visakhapatnam (n=1)


  1. Sri Sankaradeva netralaya, Guwahati (n=3)

  2. Chandraprabha eye hospital, Jorhat (n=1)

  3. Lions eye hospital, Cachar (n=2)


  1. MGM Eye institute, Raipur (n=1)

  2. JLN, Bhilai (n=2)


  1. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (n=1)

  2. Dr Shroff Charity eye hospital, Daryaganj (n=2)

  3. DDU (n=4)

  4. St Stephens (n=2)

  5. Venu eye institute (n=3)

  6. Hindu Rao (n=2)

  7. Shroff eye centre,Kailash colony (n=2)

  8. Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar (n=2)

  9. Vision eye centre (n=1)

  10. Mohan Eye Hospital (n=1)

  11. Centre for sight (n=1)

  12. Sant Parmanand (n=1)

Academics in institutes of Delhi is very good in general. Ranking them was difficult. 4,5 and 6 are almost equally good.


  1. Drashti Netralaya, Dahod (n=3)

  2. Rotary eye institute, Navsari (n=2) Haryana:

    1. Medanta (n=2)

    2. Bhagat Phool Singh (n=1)


  1. Sankara Eye, Shivamogga (n=3)

  2. Sankara Eye, Bangalore (n=3)

  3. MM Joshi, Hubli (n=3)

  4. Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore (n=4)

  5. Bangalore West Lions (n=2)

  6. Nethradhama, Bangalore (n=3)

  7. Manipal Hospital (n=1)

  8. Prabha eye, Bangalore (n=2)

  9. District Hospital, Tumakuru (n=1)


  1. Little flower, Angamaly (n=3)

  2. Giridhar eye hospital, Kochi (n=2)

  3. Comtrust eye hospital, Calicut (n=2)

  4. Chaithanya eye, Trivandrum (n=4)

  5. Dr Tony’s (n=1)

  6. Al Salama, Palakad (n=1)

Madhya Pradesh:

  1. SNC Chitrakoot (n=5)

  2. Choithram (n=2)

  3. Ratan Jyoti, Gwalior (n=1)


  1. HV Desai (n=3)

  2. Shri Ganapati (n=2)

  3. KJ Somaiyya (n=1)

  4. Mahatme Eye (n=2)

  5. PD Hinduja (n=2)

  6. Suraj Eye (n=2)

  7. Sarakshi (n=1)

  8. Deenanath Mangeshkar (n=2)

  9. Laxmi Panvel (n=1)

  10. Bhaba Atomic (n=2)’

Maharashtra institutes are usually good. Ranking them was difficult.


1. Shija (n=1)


  1. LVPEI Bhubaneshwar (n=2)

  2. J P M Rotary Eye Hospital and Research, Bidanasi, Cuttack (n=3)

  3. Ispat general Hospital IGH (n=2)

  4. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Cuttack (n=2)


  1. Arvind (n=6)

  2. Indira Gandhi Govt General Hosp and PG institute (n=3)


1. Thind Eye Hosp, Jalandhar (n=2)


  1. Alank Nayan Mandir Institute, Udaipur (n=2)

  2. Global hospital Institute of Ophthalmology, Mount Abu (n=2)

  3. Anand hospital and Eye Centre, Jaipur (n=2)

  4. Dr Kothari’s Eye Hosp, Udaipur (n=1)

Tamil Nadu:

  1. Sankara Netralaya, Chennai (n=10)

  2. Arvind, Coimbatore (n=5)

  3. Arvind, Tirunelveli (n=6)

  4. Sri Kanchi Kamakoti medical trust, Sankara Eye, Coimbatore (n=5)

  5. Arvind, Theni (n=2)

  6. Aravind, Salem (n=2)

  7. Arasan Eye Hosp, Erode (n=2)

  8. The Eye Foundation, Coimbatore (n=4)

  9. Agarwal’s, Chennai (n=6)

  10. Rajan Eye Care (n=2)

  11. Lotus, Coimbatore (n=2)

  12. M N Eye hospital. Chennai (n=2)

  13. Agarwal’s Tirunelveli (n=2)

  14. Govt Head Quarters, Cuddalore (n=1)

Tamil Nadu institutes are usually good. Ranking them was difficult.


  1. LVPEI, Hyderabad (n=2)

  2. Pushpagiri Eye Inst, Secundarabad (n=6)

  3. Krishna institute of medical sciences, Secundarabad (n=2)

  4. Anand eye institute, Hyderabad (n=1)

  5. Medivision Eye and Heath care, Hyderabad (n=2)

Uttar Pradesh:

  1. ICare, Noida (n=2)

  2. Vivekananda Polyclinic and institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow(n=2)

  3. Prakash Netra Kendra, Lucknow (n=1)

West Bengal:

  1. Sankara Netralaya, Kolkata (n=2)

  2. Susrut eye foundation, Kolkata (n=2)

  3. College of medicine and JNM Hosp, Kalyani (n=1)

Merit-­‐wise list of 2019 DNB Counseling:

I have painstakingly compiled the allotment list of DNB candidates in last year’s counseling. These include the below mentioned hospitals and institutes in order of merit. Please mote that I have included rank of candidates till 15000. The institutes further 15000 have also been included:

1.  LVPEI  Hyd  (LVH)  4582  

2.  LVH                  4492

3.  Sankara  Nethralaya  (SN) 4833

4.  SN  4921

5.  Little  Flower (LF) 5004  

6.  Comtrust  Calicut (CC) 5566  

7.  SN  5642

8.  SN  5683

9.  LF  5922

10.  Aravind  coimbatore  (ARC)  6179  

11.  SN  6183

12.  SN  6209

13.  SN  6495

14.  LF  6783

15.  CC  6805

16.  Shroff  Charity  Darya  Ganj  (SCDG)  7256  

17.  SN  7391

18.  ARC  7400

19.  SN  7801

20.  SN  7844

21.  LVP Bhubaneshwar  (LVPB) 7848

22.  LVPB  7878

23.  ARC  7896

24.  Chaithanya,  Trivandrum  (CT)  8039  

25.  ARC  8269

26.  CT  8304

27.  ARC  8349

28.  Aravind  Pondi  (ARP) 8373

29.  SNC  Chitrakoot  (SNCC) 8495

30.  Deen  Dayal  Upadhyay  Delhi  (DDU) 8677

31.  ARP  8890

32.  Narayan  Nethralaya  (NN) 8951

33.  NN  9004

34.  Sankara  eye  shimoga  (SES)  9204  

35.  ARP  9206

36.  Arasan  Eye  Erode  (AEE) 9311

37.  Agarwal  Chennai  (AC) 9414

38.  NN  9530

39.  ARP  9586

40.  SNCC  9608

41.  AC  9729

42.  ARP  9876

43.  SCDG  9958

44.  Sankara  eye  Bangalore  (SEB) 9966

45.  SEB  10037

46.  AC  10065

47.  ARP  10093

48.  AC  10234

49.  AEE  10338

50.  MM  Joshi  eye  hospital  (MMJ) 10359

51. DDU  10404

52.  The  Eye  Foundation  Coimbatore (TEFC) 10531

53.  NN  10603

54.  SES  10712

55.  Shri  Ganapati    Jalna  (SGNJ) 10883

56.  BR  Singh,  East  Railway,  Kolkata  (ERK) 10981

57.  IG  Pondi  (IGP) 11116

58.  MMJ  11147

59.  NIO  Pune  (NIOP) 11167

60.  Sankara  Eye  Pammal  (SEP) 11189

61.  IGP  11325

62.  Lions  Hyderabad  (LH) 11339

63.  SEP  11383

64.  Hindu  Rao  Delhi  (HRD) 11391

65.  SNK  11450

66.  SNK  11457

67.  Govt  Hosp  Cuddalore  11631

68.  Deenanath  Mangeshkar  Pune  (DMP) 11918

69.  St  Stephens  Delhi  SSD  11923

70.  AC  11926

71.  SSD  11938

72.  IGP  11989

73.  MMJ  12141

74.  Sahai  Hosp  Jaipur  (SHJ) 12258

75.  Northern  Railway  Delhi  (NRD) 12259

76.  Bangalore  West  Lions  (BWL) 12320

77.  BWL  12424

78.  Mohan  Eye  Hosp  Delhi  (MEH) 12510

79.  DMP  12685

80.  AC  12703

81.  AC  12736

82.  KJ  Somaiyya  Mumbai  (KJSM) 12759

83.  Sankaradeva  Guwahati  (SDG) 12851

84.  SDG  12858

85.  BWL  12897

86.  Pushpagiri  Eye  Institute  Telangana  (PEIT) 12944  

87.  TEFC  12982

88.  DMP  12995

89.  Krishna  Institue  Telangana  (KIMST) 13168

90.  Drashti  Dahod  (DND) 13203

91.  SGNJ  13412

92.  TEFC  13534

93.  Rotary  eye  hosp  Cuttack  (REHC) 13592

94.  Choithram  Netralaya  Indore  (CNI) 13650

95.  Dr  Tony  Kerala  (DTK) 13662

96.  Sant  Parmanand  Delhi  (SPD) 13666

97.  TEFC  13679

98.  DDU  OBC  13803

99.  MGM  Raipur  (MGMR) 13808

100.  Al  Salama  Kerala  (ASK) 13838

101.  Agarwal  Tirunelveli  (AT) 13962

102.  SDG  13990

103.  Bhabha  Atomic  Mumbai  (BAM) 14075

104.  CT  14121

105.  NRD  OBC  14195

106.  Lotus  Chennai  (LC) 14230

107.  Medanta  14346

108.  South  Central  Railways  AP  (SCR) 14393

109.  DND  14438

110.  SCR  14508

111.  Medanta  14543

112.  Centre  for  sight  (CFS) 14614

113.  CT  14616

114.  Mahatme  Eye  Nagpur  (MEN) 14624  

115.  Prabha  Eye  clinic  (PEC) 14729

116.  ASK  14778

117.  SDG  14812

118.  Rajan  Eye  Care  chennai  (RECC) 14828

119.  MEH  14831

120.  Vivekananda  polyclinic  Lucknow  (VPL)

121.  SDG

122.  PEC

123.  CNI

124.  MN  eye  Chennai  (MNEC)

125.  PD  Hinduja  Mumbai  (PDHM)

126.  MEN

127.  Rotary  Eye  Institute  Navsari  (REIN)

128.  District  Hospital  Tumakuru

129.  VPL

130.  Suraj  Eye  Institute  Nagpur,  (SEIN)

131.  Sankara  Foundation  Eye  Hospital  (SFEH)

132.  Susrut  Eye  Foundation,  Kolkata  (SEFK)

133.  Lions  club  Sadhu  Ram  eye  hospital  Hyderabad

134.  SEFK

135.  REIN

136.  Bhagat  PhoolSingh  GMC  Sonepat

137.  DND

138.  CFS

139.  Sahai  Hospital  Jaipur

140.  Medi  Vision  Telangan

141.  Anand  Eye  Institute  Hyderabad

142.  Alakh  Nayan  Mandir  Institute,  Udaipur  (ANMIU)

143.  Bokaro  GH

144.  PEIT

145.  Visakha  Eye  Hospital  Visakhapatnam  (VEHV)

146.  PEIT

147.  REHC

148.  Civil  Hospital  Aizawl  (CHA)

149.  Sarakshi  Netralaya  Nagpur

150.  PEIT

151.  PEIT

152.  REC

153.  College  of  medicine  and  JNM  Hospital  WB

154.  PEIT

155.  VEHV

156.  ANMIU

157.  Chandraprabha  Jorhat

158.  Mohanlal  Memorial  Aliarh

159.  Global  Hospital  Mt  Abu

160.  Global  Hospital  Mt  Abu

161.  DH  Dharwad

162.  Shija  Hospital  Imphal

163.  District  Hospital  Tumakuru

164.  Dr  Kothari  Eye  Hospital  Udaipur

165.  Ratan  Jyoti  Netralaya

166.  Ispat  GH  Rourkela

167. Prakash  Netra  Kendr  Lucknow

168.  Anand  Hospital  Rajasthan

169.  Mohanlal  Memorial  Aliarh

170.  Bokaro  GH

171.  Anand  Hospital  Rajasthan

172.  Lions  Eye  Hospital  Cachar  Assam

173.  Lions  Eye  Hospital  Cachar  Assam  19762

Unreserved  Category  ends  here....

174.  Ispat  GH  Rourkela

175.  DDU

176.  Hindu  Rao  Delhi  ....SC  candidate  32047

That’s all folks!!

Select wisely! All the best! P.S.: See u on the other side!

Dr.  Abhishek Paul /Dr. Bijita Deb Authors DNB Opthalmology Solved Question Bank

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