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DNB Obstetrics & Gynecology Solved Question Bank December 2019 Papers online android

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Course Highlights:

  • Ideal for EXAM- GOING PGs preparing for exit examinations.
  • Arranged in a reader-friendly bulleted format, enriched with flowcharts and diagrams, that is easy to retain and reproduce in exams.
  • Avoid the hassle of searching for answers to the various questions.
  • Get all answers in one place.
  • Concise but extensive information in each topic compiled from standard textbooks and recent preferred practice patterns.
  • Attain insight to the art of writing answers in DNB theory exam.
  • Master the recent important topics to excel repeat questions.
  • Handy for last minute, quick revision.
  • Recent advances from latest articles and journals covered.
  • Will also help for higher examinations, such as FNB-SS CET, SR/Fellowship interviews.
  • Online content; Access anywhere using Internet and browser.
  • Give your preparation an extra edge with ready-made notes!
  • online content no hard copy 1yr
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