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NEET-SS 2019 NBE Notification Natboard


Dated: 01st February 2019

NOTICE Subject : Conduct of NEET-SS 2019 - regarding

1. NEET-SS 2019 shall be conducted by NBE on 28th June on computer based platform.

2. The scheme of NEET-SS 2019 shall be in accordance with MoHFW letter No.V.11025/35/2012-MEP(Pt.) dated 12/12/2018 and shall be similar to the scheme of NEET-SS 2018.

3. The salient features of NEET-SS 2019 shall be:

(i) A candidate can choose a maximum of upto two super-specialty courses for which his/her broad specialty qualification is eligible, at the time of online submission of the application form.

(ii) Pattern of examination: 40% of the questions (Part A) shall be from all the eligible feeder broad specialty course(s) and the remaining 60% (Part B of the question paper) shall be from the super-specialty course selected by the candidate at the time online submission of application form.

(iii) NBE may club certain super specialties in which the number of seats offered are less and share common eligible broad-specialty qualification.

4. Question Paper: There shall be a separate question paper for each superspecialty course/clubbed group. Total number of questions in each question paper shall be 100 and shall consist of two Parts: Part A & Part B as indicated above.

The difficulty level of the questions shall be at PG Exit level.

5. Merit list of NEET-SS 2019 shall also be utilized for allotment of seats to DNB super-specialty & FNB Fellowship courses.

6. For further details, candidates shall have to refer to the Information Bulletin which shall be notified in April/May 2019. NBE

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