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NEET DM CARDIOLOGY 2020 - Tips to prepare and top your exam!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

NEET SS DM Cardiology super-speciality entrance examination is an extremely important exam to check eligibility/ ranking of the post-graduation course.

Candidates should be aware that the examinations are a test of their knowledge of key areas of the NEET DM Cardiology speciality curriculum.

Candidates will be tested on the following factors:-

  • Clinical: in-patient, out-patient, and ICU.

  • Investigation neurology: ECG, ENMG

  • Assisting the consultant with surgeries.

  • Performing minor procedures under guidance of consultant.

  • Presenting topics in seminars.

  • 24-hour duties in cardio ICU and giving acute care to patients.

  • thesis.

Tips to prepare:

  1. Preparing for DM Cardiology requires about 06 -12 months of preparation post MD

  2. If you are clear that you will pursue DM cardiology post PG, Then its better to go ahead and start early during PG by taking good notes on Harrison.As once you start preparation for cardiology per se, there would hardly be time to devote enough time for basic speciality.

  3. Resources Recommended for cardiology are Braunwald textbook of cardiology which should be supplemented by MCQ books in Cardiology - is a decent resource covering large volume of questions .

  4. It is important to note that AIIMS, PGIMER Chd & NEET SS all have different pattern.

  5. AIIMS Exam has 80 marks devoted to cardiology questions which include 10–15 questions from general medicine. The pattern of question is application based, lots of image based questions, few questions on recent advances in drugs and devices, one question from statistics and few questions from recent trials.

  6. PGIMER Chd has 40 questions from cardiology and 40 questions from general medicine. Although there is no negative marking in general medicine but questions are highly unpredictable and explores deep into various topics of medicine but also covers topics that are practical based, recently discussed medical issues in print/electronic media. A good practice of method of exclusion can be handy to deal with this section. Cardiology section has 40 questions with 200 options to choose which is really quite tricky if not prepared well.

  7. NEET SS examination is Harrison based exam with 50+50 questions from cardiology as well as general medicine.

  8. At the least you must revise 3 times for whatever you read!

  9. Online mock exams and mcq question banks provide the best and most suitable way of preparation. Exam like setting will tremendously boost your score. Exam simulation courses from and offer NEET SS online courses which provide NEET SS coaching as a package of question banks/ mock test series with explanation which simulate the exam mode. It can be very helpful. The courses are specific to the superspecialty and also contain a base medicine questions package as bonus for a complete revision.



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