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Join Free All India PG Exam Discussion Preproups

Free PG EXAMS DISCUSSION GROUPS on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Prepgroups is an innovative initiative by Prepguidance and Mentorexam to stimulate guided self-study in Exam aspirants. Join now for free and take maximum benefit. Meet other NEET-SS Aspirants like yourself from all parts of the country. Clarify doubts from experts and gain confidence!

Ophthalmology PG Exam Discussion Prepgroup with mentors – Radiology PG Exam Discussion Group –

Medicine PG Exam Discussion Group –

Anaesthesia PG Exam Discussion Group –

Ophthalmology PG Exam Discussion Group –

Surgery PG Exam Discussion Group –

Orthopedics Practical PG Exam Discussion Group –

Orthopedics DNB MS Exam Discussion Group WhatsaApp

Orthopedics DNB MS Exam Discussion Group Telegram –

Pediatrics PG Exam Discussion Group –

Orthopedics PG Theory Exam Discussion Group –

Obstetrics and Gynecology PG Exam Discussion Group –

Neurology PG Exam Discussion Group –

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To join groups other than the above or if any particular group is missing contact is the one-stop destination for all your medical exam preparation needs. Take advantage of the courses and study material targeted for easy learning and retention using innovative new-gen methods tailored by our expert mentors.

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