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How To Prepare for NEET SS 2020?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The NBE is ready to release the information bulletin and application form for NEET SS 2020 examination in the first week of May for all candidates. As per last year, the NEET SS 2020 exam is scheduled to be held in the last week of June and a lot of candidates are confused about how to prepare for this DM/M.Ch entrance exam. What makes this process difficult is the delicate art of balancing your practice and exam stress. Well, Don't Worry! because we are here with some tips to help you out in the preparation of the NEET SS 2020!

Exam Pattern of NEET SS 2020

The question paper is classified into 2 parts which are Part A and Part B.

  • There is 25% negative marking in the NEET SS 2020 examination.

  • The language of the question paper is English only.

  • There are 100 questions in the NEET SS exam from which 40% weightage is given to  feeder broad speciality course and 60% to the super speciality course.

  • The NEET SS is conducted in MCQ and computer based.

Now, 40% is from broader speciality which you already trained in and 60% is from the speciality course that you choose from the options. For example, if a candidate wants to do super specialty in Cardiology then questions will be asked from General Medicine, Paediatrics and Respiratory Medicine also.

Learn 40% in practicals/ from books and 60% in depth and diligently

The part with the 60% weight age is the most important in the NEET SS examination. All the experts and toppers recommend the candidates to read the same in depth which is not that easy but also not impossible. Thus, try to learn the 40% strata more from the real life practicals / books and 60% part from the PG exit level training and recommended books. These books should also have MCQ based questions. Please note that both the parts of the question paper should be given equal importance while studying and only the ways can be different.

Take help from your colleagues/ coaching centre

It is very important to understand each and every aspect of the speciality you have chosen for your DM/Mch and thus you should not hesitate in asking for help from your seniors or colleagues if you are stuck in some topic while you are studying.

Mock Tests are a Must!!

After you are done with your preparation and revision, sit for mocks tests all by yourself and set the time according to the duration of the NEET SS exam only. This way you will get to know where your weakness lies and hence you can work on it before attempting the NEET SS examination.

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