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DNB General Medicine Course at Down Town Hospital

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Name Xyz

Phone No. 108754569

*Course Name DNB

Hospital Name Down town hospital

Subject / Speciality General medicine

How does your department function, no of consultants,no of units etc Poor

Stipend 32k;33k;34k

Working hours, duties per month, night duties, how many hr shifts 72 hours

Passing rate 50%

Case Load, variety etc.. Average

Cutting chances, Hands on, what surgeries procedure one can expect to do .. Moderate

Working Environment, pressure, stress etc Work environment not good, feel pressured

Academic program, teaching Once in a week class

whats points lacking in your centre , that you would like to have implemented.(cons of your institute) No rotational posting, too much politics in department, stipend holding n cutting salary is usual norm.

why you would recommend this centre to your juniors (points in favor)(pros of your institute) To get a degree

Do u want to stay anonymous? yes/no Yes

Best 5 hospitals for your subject in your opinion Gangaram, st stephen, nh Bangalore, hinduja, medical college

Your thoughts about your institute and few more words Hospital environment is pro management and against dnb..

DNB General Medicine Course at Down Town Hospital

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