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Hello every one

I am Dr.Rajya lakshmi Edupuganti .

Consultant neurosurgeon Andhra Pradesh , Neurosurgery Mentor at

Youngest women neurosurgeon to start my carrier at 29 years .

This article is for post MS /DNB General surgery candidates


You want to become a Neurosurgeon

STEP 2 :

How to prepare and crack Neurosurgery seat


Which institute to be cracked ?

STEP 4 :

How to plan my carrier as a Neurosurgeon

STEP 1 :


Many of you will not be having an exposure to neurosurgery for more than 1 month in your MS/DNB training.

First get an idea over neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is the highest medical branch In the world one person can achieve .

Neurosurgical training is one of the hardest trainings over all medical curriculums .

It need s long standing dedicated work schedules in hospital, Needs a lot of mental and physical hard work , compromising over many Ishqs .

I Can honestly say u all that my worst phase of my life was my neurosurgical residency .

Knowing all the facts you want to be a neurosurgeon


How to prepare and crack Neurosurgery seat

Here we had categorized people in to 4 categories .

Have a look on each category and decide for urself which category u fall in to .

Usually had no exposure to neuro related subjects in either MBBS or MS ,, and want to start their preparation from basics .

They have some knowledge on basics of neurology and neurosurgery and want to upgrade themselves for Neurosurgery .

CATEGORY 3 These people had been opting other branches as their first option and know wants to change their option to Neurosurgery .They want to crack their entrance as soon as possible and need crash course for their preparation .

CATEGORY 4 These people had already cracked seats in remote state colleges and did not take up as they want it only in prestigious colleges . They need to focus not on basics but on their entrance cracker mcqs only .



You can be very strong in your basics and you can be confident in your neurosurgery residency and also in your future

Start preparation with text book and also MCQ Book

1) Ramamurthi handbook of neurosurgery

2) Greenbergs handbook of neurosurgery

( you can opt anyone book of the above )

3) DE JONGS pocket book to Neurology

( This focuses on basic neurology and clinical diagnosis )

4) MCQS book

NO mcqs book is worth for preparation which are available in markets . many had no explanation ,many had repeated same mcqs in all chapters , no proper answers , no updates every year .

So I wont suggest any mcq book for it .. U can use resources at and my neurosurgery exam course.

What ever it is the mcqs book or an online exam , your thourough understanding of explanation is a must for each mcq .

6 months plan

Green berg handbook of neurosurgery

MCQS from online mock tests at and .

3 months plan

MCQS from online mock tests at and . , try solving the mcq on your own and go retrospectively to complete the topic from your green berg .



Which institute to be cracked ?

NEET Superspeciality entrance gives a common ranking system for both MCH /DNB to all state medical institutions .

Only few are exceptional






Cracking AIIMS /PGIMER :

Vascular neurosurgery is most concentrated here .

Case scenario based questions .

Some questions need practical exposure to the field of neurosurgery to answer them correctly.

Aiims/PGI protocols to be understood thouroughly .

Practical interview on which u have to answer few questions on GCS assesement , CT & MRI imaging , How do you handle neurosurgical emergency , instruments and ur determination , dedicated hardwork to neurosurgery shall all be analysed by examiners .


Sri chitra institute has been included in various national and international trials .

So trials should be focused more

Srichitra focuses on many standard concepts and some are usually repeated .

Interview : Be prepared for a thesis topic over neurosurgery prior as u will asked on your research interest.

Cracking NIMHANS

This exam covers neurology, pscychiatry and neurosurgery .

No high funda questions in neurosurgery.

U need to have a strong knowledge on

neuroanatomy .

SPM , Bio statistics , obg , biochem are also covered in small parts in this exam .

Standard concepts and topics from which mcqs asked are there and u need to be thourough with them .

STEP 4 :

How to plan my carrier as a Neurosurgeon:

If you want to start an early carrer and work in a private sector set up ur choosing options are different .

If you want to settle with a fellowship and dedicate only to a sub speciality or work in corporate set up or in central institutes ur options are different .


Independently handle Trauma , spine and superficial brain tumours

Can work in both private or corporate set up independently

Can establish independent private set up.

CENTRAL INSTITUITIONS Shall get well oriented to high end neuro technologies

Can get access for a fellowship easily .

Well oriented /dedicated approach

Hand s on work is less

Needs a long term curve for picking the carrier growth

Contact me for further doubts or mentor ship

Docguidance Neurosurgery mantra
Docguidance Neurosurgery mantra

I am writing this blog for those who want crack their NEUROSURGERY in their FIRST ATTEMPT and in the best institute they want to be .

NEUROSURGERY is the highest medical carrier one can achieve . This is the last medical education one perceives to complete their education carrier . One might have many wishes about their professional carrier , few might want to settler early in their life , few wanted to do in the best institution , few might want to dedicate their life for excellence in neurosurgery .

What so ever your aim is ,if you want to crack Neurosurgery effectively and smartly , u can read this blog .

We are going to focus on proving study materials (where Neurosurgery exams are focused on) chapter wise . We are going to provide you chapter wise MCQS with discussion on the answers . We are providing you 3 D correlative knowledge on Neurology , psychiatry and neurosurgery , so that u can easily crack your mcqs with precision .

At the end we shall be providing you with Online MOCK tests to assess your knowledge .

We shall be proving you with online classes in youtube every week up to your exams , so that you can easily understand concepts . Once you take up the course u can also ask your doubts directly to the mentor which shall all be answered within 24 – 48 hours time .

We are going to discuss all the previous neurosurgical questions with explanation and we are also going to provide you NEUROSURGERY QUESTION BANK which shall cover around 300 – 350 mcqs with explanations . All the mcqs with be brand new , image based mcqs& case scenario based mcqs .

Neurosurgery entrance is going to be with 60 proper neuro based questions , 35 general surgery questions , 5 bio stastics . General surgery questions are more or less standard & we are also going to assist you in focussing on it .

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